ATƏŞ Kaftan

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This ceremonial Kaftan is made from soft organic cotton and raw sustainable silk (no worms were harmed to make it!). It features an oversized hood that can be pulled all the way down to cover your face without obstructing your vision.

Size + Fit

Most of our clothes are single-sized and a perfect fit regardless of how big or small you are. How do we pull off this magic is a trade secret that our grandmas never wanted to share.

Material + Care

Hand-dyed with natural dyes.
Cold Wash. Hang in the sun to air.

The Story

CHILDREN OF THE WIND · a breath is all it takes ·

Element: Air | Tribe of the East

Coming from the land of the Rising Sun, they embody the winds of new beginnings. They tend to weave their light garments in white and silver colors. Air can stoke or extinguish fire. Air is the gentle guide of ancient ships and the fuel to our breath that keep us moving.

Why Gunel

We work with local skilled artisans who construct our garments utilizing special seams and stitches reminiscent of the ancient Threaders in the Tribes of Five.

GUNEL designs are ethically and consciously made, 100% organic cotton and linen fibers, responsible dyes, cruelty-free, carbon positive operations and a no-waste facility.